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5 spring jewels that are trendy in 2022

Spring alters blood. Or so they say! What we are clear about is that it is a season full of color in all areas. Today we are going to review the spring jewelry that is trending during 2022. Are you ready? Here we go!

Giant rings, a spring jewelry trend

Giant rings, made of resin or with a considerable size, continue to be a trend in any spring jewelry box. The key? Avoid, in any case, discreet or zero daring pieces. We must give them personality and express what we carry inside.

Here less is not more, that is, you can combine different ring styles on different fingers or even on the same one. That is why it is important to think that we want to express and design our look in a global way to cause a sensation wherever we go. Learn more about kupujemprodajem.

mix silver and gold

Another of the spring jewelry trends is to mix silver and gold. Dare and take risks by making very different styles and bet on mixing the two materials. As with the rings, look at it from a global perspective. Finally we don’t have to give up our favorite jewels!

full of pearls

Pearls are one of the elements that little by little has returned to the most stylish jewelers. What is most popular are freshwater pearls (also known as river pearls) and pieces that are asymmetrical. When combining them, it is a must to do it with gold pieces. Guaranteed style!

Spring jewels are represented with color

Spring is an explosion of color, so you can choose to add some gemstones or jewelry to your looks to give it a touch of glamour. What colors are worn the most? Green, blue and pink.

Another option is to go for colored beads that are very fashionable. Very year 2,000, we know! In this case, you can choose as if they were sweets, with hearts or any question that simulates that it is a jelly bean.

very large jewels

The latest spring jewelry trend in 2022 is big jewelry in general, specifically those chunky chains with big links. Remember that, in this case, you must take care of the look so that it is minimalist and highlights the chain. Overloaded is not the plan!

Other big jewels that are worn are earrings with very exaggerated designs, fringes… or whatever conveys your personality!

What are you waiting for to put these 2022 spring jewelry trends into practice? In case you want to have an eco-friendly jewel , visit our website and learn about its entire process.

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