Ford Ranger 2022, perfect for work and play


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Ford’s best-known super pick-up worldwide is completely renewed in its fifth generation with the mission of fulfilling a double role as a professional vehicle for work and at the same time for family leisure.

Indeed, the new Ford Ranger 2022 has been projected in Australia and will be manufactured in South Africa and Thailand since Europe is not one of the priority markets for the model (despite being the best-selling pick-up in its category ). Therefore, we will have to wait until the end of 2022 for the commercial launch in the old continent and the first quarter of 2023 for the delivery of the first units. Know more about ford ne shitje.

Some clear aesthetic changes have been made , such as its front view, which is much more striking with its new square diode headlights as standard (optionally Matrix LED), very original, daytime running light with C-shaped diodes, a new large grille with two longitudinal slats that frame the brand’s logo in a good size.

It is built on the modified T6 platform , adding to its already large dimensions 5 cm more wheelbase and 5 cm more track, maintaining its traditional structure of stringers and crossmembers, but gaining some space in the engine compartment so that it can be housed a large V6 engine in addition to the smaller 4-cylinder diesel and also to be able to house, later, a new electrified version that will be a Ranger Plug-in Hybrid in 2023, this being the version created specifically for the European market.

The rear box can have light points and several special accessories depending on the type of load.

A very noticeable detail, due to its considerable height from the ground, is the support point that can be used as a step to access the box, which is located behind the rear wheels, this and other improvements being the consequence of the many suggestions made by the customers of the Ranger throughout the world , always seeking your loyalty with this new generation.

It has also been improved, through interesting changes in the chassis, the angle of attack for its “off-road” use and in its greater suspension travel, in order to clearly improve the stability of the car.

The new dimensions are not one hundred percent official, although, as we have already mentioned, we do know that they will increase, but not excessively since they are already quite large in the current model ( 5.36 m long, 3.22 m of wheelbase, which now rises to 3.27 m, 1.87 m wide and 1.85 m high ), sharing a platform with the future Volkswagen Amarok trying to find production synergies.

Technified interior

It will be launched with a spectacular state-of-the-art equipment in terms of technology and connectivity , with a digital panel with Ford’s SYNC 4 system, vertical touch screen from 10.1” to 12” (25.7 to 30.5 cm), compatible with Android Auto and Apple Car Play environments, in addition to multiple USB sockets and a wireless mobile charging system.

Almost all systems are activated through the multimedia screen, keeping the climate control controls under it and the steering wheel controls to manage some functions such as the stereo, telephone or even the most frequently used driving aids.

It will be possible to have voice commands in addition to the ” Ford Pass ” app that works as a remote control through the mobile for opening, closing, locating and turning on the lights.

It will also have the option of a specific mode for viewing the screen in the entire environment with a 360º camera and on a circular screen for “off-road”.

The small growth in its width allows to increase the load box and improves the amplitude for 5 occupants . There are also many new storage compartments in the doors, elbow-rests, dashboard and glove box.

It will be offered with single cab, extended cab and double cab (with 4 doors) , with a very special offer of the latter in a ” Wildtrack ” version for specific use in exploration and leisure.

To improve its use as an important work instrument, it will mount alternating current plugs (up to 400W), lower tailgate of the folding box (for use as a work table or stool), protective plastic covering of the cargo box, anchors for clamps and fastening ropes, etc.

Specific propellants according to the sales regions in the world

At the moment, what is known is that the supply of propellants focuses on 3 Turbodiesels , with a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder in two versions (the second biturbo) , with powers that will range from 150 to 200 CV , completing the range with a 3-liter V6 and 250 hp.

The change may be manual with 6 gears or automatic by torque converter with up to 10 relations, while the all-wheel drive will have two levels : access without center differential and the possibility of choosing between rear-wheel drive or 4 × 4, a level more complete with permanent all-wheel drive by automatic distribution, reducer and central differential with exclusively rear differential lock.

The current Ford Ranger will remain in the brand’s sales catalog throughout 2022 , so it is still early to define more details, and, of course, the finishes, engines in our market, or prices are not yet available.

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