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Are you looking for a geotextile supply in Dubai? As one of the cities in UAE, which has a very rapid development rate, it also requires quality materials and supporting materials, such as using geotextiles to strengthen the subgrade. We serve all over Dubai. The need for geotextile is tremendous, given its considerable function in supporting industrial development.

What are the functions or benefits of geotextiles? Let’s review together.

  1. Geotextile functions as a filter/filter. Geotextile can prevent the carrying of soil particles in flowing water. Geotextile, especially a non-woven type of geotextile, has absorbent properties. Therefore, water can still seep into the soil through the geotextile layer, but soil particles are retained. Using non-woven geotextile in Dubai as a filter/filter is usually in underground subdrain / drainage projects.
  2. The second geotextile function is a separator/separator. Our geotextile in Dubai can prevent mixing materials in one layer with materials in other layers. An example of a geotextile application for a separator is in a road construction project above ground with a soft subgrade, such as mud. This project’s mud cannot rise into the pavement system because a geotextiles layer prevents it. Thus, the pumping effect, which will damage the pavement, can also be avoided. In addition, the Dubai geotextile layer is also helpful for the compaction process of the pavement system.
  3. The third function is as an amplifier or reinforcer. In its function as reinforcement, geotextile is often used in soil embankment projects, slope reinforcement, etc.
  4. Fourth, the function of this Dubai geotextile is as a substitute for burlap sacks used during the curing process of concrete, which is very good for preventing cracks from forming during the drying process of new concrete.

Are you aslo looking for an HDPE geomembrane? Don’t worry! We are ready to assist you in choosing the best geomembrane with ASTM standard quality. 

We are one of the best geomembrane supply and installation company in Dubai. Geomembrane is a material that functions as waterproof, made of HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) or LDPE (Low-Density polyethylene). Geomembrane is made of water-resistant materials, resistant to corrosion, oil, acids, and high heat, which is the current trend.

Geomembranes are made of relatively thin sheet polymeric materials but can also be made with layers of geotextiles that are sprayed with bitumen continuously to form a waterproof layer.

The principles of joining HDPE polymer/plastic are HEAT, PRESSURE, TIME, and COOLING. These three factors must be owned when we make the connection. This applies to all materials made of HDPE, be it HDPE pipes, fittings, or geomembranes. This principle is often referred to as the HDPE BUTT FUSION METHOD. 

We have gained expertise in manufacturing and offer a wide range of HDPE geomembranes, Coolmax geomembranes, and huitex geomembranes. A manufacturing process manufactures these products under the strict supervision of a team of professionals.


  • Optimally designed
  • Prevent water loss
  • strong and durable

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