How Russians can apply for a visa to travel to Denmark on their own


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How Russians can apply for a visa to travel to Denmark on their own

A visa is required to enter this country. If a year ago the paperwork was entrusted to intermediaries or travel agencies, then from the fall of 2015, mandatory submission of biometric data for Russians was introduced. This means that a visa for Denmark is opened only after a personal submission of documents to the Embassy or VFS Global (Visa Application Center). Which papers to prepare, who is exempt from submitting biometric data and how long it will take to obtain a permit, we will consider further.

There are two types of entry permits: the Danish Schengen visa and the residence permit. Depending on the type, the conditions of residence in Denmark change and the list of submitted documents is supplemented. A standard Schengen visa is required if the purpose of the trip is: Know more about Bar.

Flag of Denmark

  • Tourism.
  • Business or working visit.
  • Private trip: visit to own property, cemetery, business trip.
  • Visit to the country as part of an official delegation.

A residence permit is required when you plan to work under a contract for a long time, study in Denmark, reunite with your family. We will then consider the intricacies of obtaining a tourist visa and the “paper nuances” of obtaining a student and work permit.

Where to apply for a visa

You can apply for a “pass” at the Embassy of Denmark (for residents of Moscow). But it is better to contact a specialized VFS Global Visa Application Center. Such centers have opened in the capital, St. Petersburg, and in 15 Russian cities, including:

  • Novosibirsk.
  • Samara.
  • Nizhny Novgorod.
  • Krasnodar.
  • Irkutsk.
  • Khabarovsk.
  • Omsk.
  • Murmansk.

The advantage of submitting documents to a specialized center is that they will take your fingerprints and take photos here.

Opening hours of the centers in the regions: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

Embassy building in Moscow

Address of the center in Moscow: 11 Pinch Street, Building 1.

Information phone: (495) 723 75 63

Residents of the regions can remotely receive advice via e-mail: info @

Embassy of Denmark in Moscow: Pereulok Prechistensky, 9. Contacts of the Visa Section: (495) 642 6801. Calls and applications are accepted from 12 noon to 1 pm.

Terms of registration

A visa for Denmark is issued in 5-8 working days for residents of the capital and up to 18 days for regions. This difference in terms was due to the fact that documents issued at the regional center are sent to the Moscow consulate.

Periods of validity

For Russians planning a short visit, a six-month “pass” is issued with a 90-day “corridor” of entry. The residence permit gives the right to stay in Denmark for 180 days and is issued for 1 year. The tourist can be issued a “pass” only during the declared trip. More often, tourists are issued a short-term permit for a certain period of time, which is the first time.

List of documents

The following paper package needs to be prepared:

  • International passport. Issued no more than 10 years ago, the document does not expire in the next 6 months. The passport has 2 blank pages.
  • Copy of international passport with visas, marks and stamps (if any).
  • Copy or original of previous passport (if any).
  • Photos of standard passport size 35×45 mm, 2 pcs.

Photo requirements

  • Copy of internal passport. You need a copy of all the pages on which they are entered.
  • Confirmation of payment of the fee.
  • Health insurance. You can enter the Schengen area with insurance whose coverage will be at least 30,000 euros. The insurance is valid for the entire duration of the trip in the country and covers the costs related to emergency medical care, traffic accidents and costs that will cover the repatriation of the applicant.
  • Route description or future travel plan. You can attach the purchased return ticket, hotel reservation and other document confirming the travel plans.
  • Certificate from the official place of work, indicating the salary for the last 3-6 months. If there is no such certificate – an extract from the card account for the last 90 days or another certificate of intent to return (document of ownership of the property).
  • Completed application form. This document is completed in English. .

You can arrange insurance yourself at the Visa Application Center. Print and sign the Consent for the processing of personal data in advance. Attach this paper to the documents.

For Russians planning a tourist or business trip, filling out a questionnaire is a must. The paper must be pre-printed and completed, attached to the documents.

The following information is provided:

  • Passport. These fields are filled in English (as in the passport).
  • Data on place of residence in Russia, official employment.
  • Purpose of entry and desired number of “passes” for Denmark.
  • Address of residence and other contact details of persons in the Kingdom.
  • Financial condition data.

Important : the questionnaire is printed on one sheet on both sides. You will not have 5 separate sheets, but 3 questionnaire sheets. Put the end date and signature on the last page.

Important : the questionnaire is printed on one sheet on both sides. You will not have 5 separate sheets, but 3 questionnaire sheets. Put the end date and signature on the last page.

The cost of a visa

For citizens of the Russian Federation, a visa for Denmark costs 35 euros. There is an additional visa fee – 1890 rubles. You pay the full amount on the day of submission of documents. Fees are paid in rubles.

Citizens who submit documents independently in the regions pay an additional 450 rubles (forwarding documents).

The price of an emergency visa will be 70 euros. Such a permit is issued only in the capital. In that case, obtaining a visa for Denmark will take 3 working days. The following are exempt from all fees:

  • Children under 6 years.
  • Persons with disabilities and persons accompanying them.

Sample Schengen visa

Only the following are exempt from paying the visa fee:

  • Students, schoolchildren, teachers who go to Denmark to study or practice.
  • Relatives of citizens living in Denmark. You need documentary proof of the degree of connection.
  • Members of delegations participating in intergovernmental, official, state meetings in the territory of the Kingdom. An official invitation is required.
  • Citizens traveling for emergency treatment, funeral or visiting sick relatives, as well as citizens traveling on a humanitarian mission.
  • Persons under the age of 21 who participate in interstate exchange programs, as well as persons who travel to participate in scientific activities, cultural and sports competitions, events.

If you belong to one of the above categories, prepare a written confirmation before submitting the works, which will exempt you from paying the fee.

Document submission procedure

The procedure for submitting the paper to the Visa Application Center is automated. Once you have collected the package of documents, you need to register on the VFS Global website and decide on the time of arrival at the center.

Important: pre-registration is valid only for those who apply for a visa in Moscow

  • Come to the VFS Global Center during business hours.
  • Pay for consular and visas.
  • Go through the process of taking fingerprints: give fingerprints and take photos.
  • Submit the collected papers.

Important: fingerprints are taken once. For the next 5 years, a Schengen visa is issued without taking a fingerprint. Children under the age of 12 and persons who cannot be fingerprinted for physiological reasons are not subject to fingerprinting. The procedure for submitting documents is the same in the Embassy and through the Application Center.

After submitting the documents, you can monitor the degree of readiness of the passport through the VFS Global service.

Additional documents for work, student, work visa

In addition to standard documents (questionnaires, bank statements / employment certificates, questionnaires) for Russians who plan to stay in Denmark for a long time, additional papers need to be prepared.

Type of visa Documentation
Guest book
  • Invitation from a resident of Denmark in duplicate. Along with the documents, you submit one copy, the other caller sends it to the Embassy address. The invitation contains as much information as possible about the host.
  • Copy of tickets in both directions.
  • Caller Statement on Financial Security (if any).
  • The original letter of invitation from the employer.
  • Official certificate of employment in Denmark.
  • Request from the company, the company, where the contract period is indicated and the required type of visa.
  • Financial insurance (employer’s letter of guarantee or ticket reservation).
  • Invitation from the educational institution with an indication of the subject and the number of hours.
  • Letter of confirmation of student enrollment.
  • Student ID card received at a Russian educational institution.
  • Application from the university with an indication of the duration of the student stay in the country.

The conditions for reviewing documents and the application procedure are the same for all Russians, regardless of the type of visa desired.

Applying for a visa for a child

A Schengen visa is also required for a child entering Denmark. It is delivered with the parents’ papers. You must attach the following documents:

  • Birth certificate (copy).
  • Questionnaire completed in English. The signature is put by the parent.
  • If the child travels with one of the parents or without them at all – consent to leave the parents, certified by a notary. Consent is signed by both parents.
  • Confirmation of payment of the fee (for a child older than 6 years).

If you apply for a child visa after you have been granted permission to enter Denmark, a copy of the passports of both parents with a Schengen visa will be provided.

In case of refusal, the fees paid will not be refunded to the applicant. If the documents are submitted through the regional center, it is better to apply for a visa for Denmark in advance. The embassy has the right to request additional information or papers, if necessary to consider the case.

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