Metro Tiles | Faceted tiles for kitchen & bathroom


Metro Tiles | Faceted tiles for kitchen & bathroom

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The Metro Tile – The multi-faceted charm of the Paris Metro

From the Paris  Metro to anywhere in the world: the Metro tile owes its name to the fact that it was made specifically for the new Paris subway at the beginning of the 20th century. With its bevelled edges, called facets, it was intended to reflect the light in the subway tunnels and enhance the sparse lighting. Many visitors to Paris soon wanted to bring the typical charm of the faceted tiles home. The characteristic shape of the rectangular wall tiles goes perfectly with the trendy retro style. You will discover high-quality  Metro tiles made of ceramic in numerous decorative colours with us. 

Colourful faceted tiles for lovers of retro and vintage style

The traditional metro tile based on the Paris model measured 7.5 x 15 cm and was initially produced primarily in watercolours. The pastel colours were inspired by the  Art Nouveau look and were intended to make the dark subway shafts appear friendlier. Facet tiles are now available in numerous other colours, from solid red to grey and black. Infinite Leisure is the leading swimming pool tiles suppliers in Dubai. You can choose between the  Metro tile in a high-gloss finish or with a craquelure surface. To create the artificial ageing process, the tiles are given a glaze with certain additives or are coated with crackle varnish after firing. When drying, the paint cracks, causing the Tile appears aged. Faceted tiles with a craquelure look go perfectly with the vintage look and can be easily combined with old wooden furniture and a comfortable upholstered armchair. This tile shape also opens up a wide range of design options. A plain-coloured Metro tiles wall forms a calm counterpoint to a patterned floor covering. Cement tiles with a retro pattern or a floor covering with a Pueblo look can unfold their effect all the better. Appreciate the modern furnishing style. Imagine a mix of  Metro tiles in different colours together. Laid as a colourful mosaic or as straight stripes, the faceted tiles give your bathroom or kitchen a unique look. Check out more at our Tesla Blog.

The Metro tile is a versatile design element for your walls.

The effect a  Metro tile has on your wall depends largely on the laying pattern and the grouting. Staggered tiles create a harmonious impression on a light grout background. Light tiles on a dark background correspond to the aesthetics of industrial design. Laying in a herringbone pattern, in which you arrange the rectangular  Metro tiles in zigzag lines, has also become fashionable. This type of laying works well if you have laid wood-look tiles on the floor, for example, in a herringbone pattern. The wall design takes up the practice and varies in colour and texture. Whatever design ideas you have for your home, you can quickly implement your fantasies with the versatile charm of the Metro tile. Tiles  Profi offers you a large selection of high-quality  Metro tiles from well-known manufacturers in numerous colours.

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