Buying Backlinks on Fiverr?! (2022): This is to be considered!


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Buying Backlinks on Fiverr?! (2022): This is to be considered!

Backlinks are extremely important to be successful on Google and everyone is looking for shortcuts. Whether Fiverr is a good shortcut for you and your website is something I’ll cover now, so pay attention!

Disclaimer: Google publicly states that they are AGAINST buying links and this means you can be penalized by your website not ranking well if Google finds out you’ve bought links. Therefore, use this strategy at your own risk.


I’m very cautious about buying and selling links and try to avoid it, but it’s just very tempting for starters to build some grassroots authority and see results fairly quickly.

Therefore, most of this article is dedicated to the question: “How do I filter the bad websites from the good ones?” .

If you can do that, then you can find one or the other cheap & qualitative link on Fiverr to see faster results on Google.

Incidentally, Backlinked is a great German contact point if you want to buy backlinks. I have tested the platform myself and report here exactly on the quality and its effect of it.

Step-by-step instructions:

Now I’ll show you my personal step-by-step guide.

1. Go to

Here is the direct link to Fiverr.

2. Search for “Backlink” in the search bar

This point is relatively self-explanatory. You can also search for other terms like:

  • Left
  • domain authority
  • Guest Post
  • link building

3. Sort by sellers from your target country

If you have a German website, then filter for sellers who are from Germany!

With this you sort out a lot of SPAM sellers.

4. Sort by ratings

Another good tip for this is to sort by Rating so you only get 5.0 stars and sellers with a lot of reviews. This also helps to sort out. I would advise you never to buy a link if the seller still has 0 ratings

5. Sort by quality of links

Does the link fit your niche?
A backlink is only qualitative if the website reasonably hits your niche. Otherwise it is rather confusing for Google and can even lead to Google classifying this link negatively and penalizing you. Check out more interesting articles on our Tesla Blog or you might be interested in how to rank Fiverr gig on first page of Google by Shaz Vlog.

That’s why this part is also very important.

This work takes some time, but it’s worth it in the end.

How to do it:

1) Write to all potentially interesting sellers and ask for the domains.

Please use my template for this:

hey there,

I’m interested in your Backlink Gig. Could you send me the URLs so I can check if it would be a good fit for my website?

Thanks in advance


2) Create an Excel table with all links and the following columns:

  • URL
  • topic
  • DA ahrefs (domain authority of Ahrefs)
  • DA SEMrush (Domain Authority of SEMrush)
  • Focus (= a value from 1-10, with which you determine how focused the website is on the topic, the higher the focus, the more valuable the link)
  • SS (= Spam Score, I use this free tool for that)
  • Price from Fiverr

If the niche is too far away (or no focus at all), the website looks bad, or the SS is over 1%, then don’t include that link in your Excel spreadsheet.

This is what my Excel looks like:

You must avoid websites that are obviously just so-called “link machines”.

Link Engine: A website that exists for one reason only – to sell links.

These link machines are bad because Google knows these websites and has often already put them on a “blacklist”, whereby every website that buys a link there is then penalized by Google.

How do you find link machines?

There are several characteristics of a typical link engine, here are the most common:

  • Website looks unprofessional.
  • No attention to detail.
  • Lots of short, superficial articles instead of lengthy in-depth guides.
  • Often, the articles are pretty much exactly 500, 750, or 1000 words long, since that’s how these packages are sold.
  • There is no thematic focus. Bitcoin, relationship problems and then food are reported.
  • Spam score of over 1%
  • Often just a single link per article with a Money anchor text.

Money anchor text: An anchor text that exactly hits the keyword you want to rank for. This is rare for real blogs and websites. You often see anchor text like:

Clicker here, more about that or the name of the website and not so often the keyword for which the website wants to rank.

Therefore, you should be careful yourself and build a good distribution and variation in the anchor texts in your backlink strategy so that Google classifies these links as generic links.

If you’ve gone through this complete filtering process, you should now have a handful of quality websites for a great price.

Note: Better 5 quality links than 15 links from “spammy” websites.

So the work is really worth it.

How expensive should the link be at most?

A link with a decent DA can cost over €100. As a rule, however, you can already get good links on Fiverr with a budget of €50-70 per backlink. Competitor Backlinked is a lot more expensive.

I would recommend that you set a fixed budget for each article that you want to spend on the promotion. Because it doesn’t matter whether you do a backlink outreach with an email campaign or buy a link. In both cases you will have to put money into the promotion.

That is a good thing. This is often a perfect motivation to make the article better and more qualitative, because you invest real money and not “just” your own time.

Conclusion – For whom is the backlink on Fiverr worthwhile?

Basically for everyone. However, since the analysis takes a little more time than the competitor, I recommend this work for websites with a tighter budget.

Because the backlinks are cheaper, but a little harder to find.

Personally, I use the backlinks from time to time as a small support, especially during the construction phase of a website, in order to quickly gain authority and get more referring domains.

I’ve had good experiences and actually got to page 1 with a few pages/articles through links through Fiverr!

(Not just Fiverr alone, but it definitely helped!)

So it works if you approach it the right way!

However, with a lot of caution and care, so that the link looks generic and then does not harm the website, but really helps to get better rankings!

That’s it from me today!

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