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Dubai Airport Free Zone Metro Station 1

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Your Guide to Dubai Airport Free Zone Metro Station 1

Dubai Airport Free Zone Metro Station serves as the main transit point providing riders easy access to all terminals of Dubai International Airport. Conveniently located on the Red Line between Dubai Airport Terminal 1 and GGICO metro stations, it experiences extremely high passenger volume being the primary airport metro stop.

This comprehensive guide takes you through all the key details regarding Dubai Airport Free Zone Metro Station 1. Know more about Dubai metro map 2024.

Background and History

Some interesting facts about Dubai Airport Free Zone Station’s history:

  • Opened in 2011 as part of Dubai Metro Red Line initial phase
  • Strategically built adjoining Airport Free Zone close to DXB passenger terminals
  • Renamed from just ‘Airport Free Zone’ to specify metro linkage for airport access
  • Features two stations – Dubai Airport Free Zone 1 and 2 due to high ridership potential
  • Connected via 390-metre long skybridge allowing quick passenger transfer

Since inception, the station has channeled millions of commuters across its modern platforms, retail stores, and resting areas.

Notable Aspects

As the primary transit gateway for Dubai International Airport passengers, the station has some distinct traits:

  • Serves all 3 DXB terminals via free inter-terminal train shuttles
  • Operates round-the-clock like the airport with 24×7 metro train service
  • Peak traffic reaching 200,000 passengers daily necessitating high capacity
  • Strategic metro line psfeeeding international visitors directly into Dubai
  • High-tech architecture with glass-panelled roofs allowing natural daylight
  • Equipped with air-conditioned walkways between both airport metro stations

The airport station’s significance goes beyond numbers, with its purpose-built infrastructure seamlessly blending Dubai’s airport and transit networks.

Amenities and Facilities

Catering to fatigued travellers, Dubai Airport Free Zone Station offers full facilities:

  • Airport-style Travelator walkways speeding passenger movement
  • Retail stores for quick snacks, mobile top-ups and last-minute purchases
  • Food & beverage outlets like McDonald’s to dine-in or takeaway
  • RTA service desks for recharging NOL Cards, ticket purchases, transport info
  • Baby care facilities equipped with nursery rooms for nursing mothers
  • Free WiFi coverage for connectivity needs

The range of amenities make it more than just a regular metro station.

Accessing Airport Terminals

A key benefit is direct connectivity to all Dubai International Airport passenger terminals:

  • Fast & free inter-terminal trains to DXB run every 4 minutes
  • Well-marked shuttle train zones for each terminal – 1,2 and 3
  • Short 2 minute commute to reach your destination terminal
  • Arriving inside terminals, follow overhead signage to gates
  • Heading from airports, take shuttles returning to Airport Free Zone metro station

Nearby Attractions

Aside from Dubai International Airport, other attractions near the metro station are:

  • Dubai Airport Free Zone
  • Emirates Group Headquarters
  • Al Maktoum International Airport
  • Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects

So while largely an airport transit hub, nearby logistic and aviation industry sites also draw some commuters routinely.


Dubai Airport Free Zone Metro Station is the central transportation node granting seamless connectivity between Dubai’s airports and metro rail network. With considerable facilities and round-the-clock operations, the station delivers convenience for millions transiting yearly as regional passengers. It is positioned both geo-spatially and strategically at the heart of Dubai’s booming tourism and logistics landscapes!