The Complete Guide to Google’s Iconic Dinosaur Game in 2023


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The Complete Guide to Google's Iconic Dinosaur Game in 2023

Google’s built-in dinosaur game has become a beloved easter egg known to internet users around the world. This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about the wildly popular T-Rex runner.

Learn how to play Google’s dinosaur game, tips for getting a high score, hidden easter eggs, strategies for mobile gameplay, and why this simple offline game has become a cultural phenomenon.

Whether you’re looking to kill time without internet or want to unlock the game’s secrets, this guide will make you a master at Google’s addictively fun Google dinosaur game!

What is Google’s Dinosaur Game?

Google’s dinosaur game, also referred to as the Chrome dino game or T-Rex runner, is an endlessly running game embedded into the Google Chrome browser that appears when there is no internet connection.

The objective is to tap to jump and dodge cacti and pterodactyls for as long as possible until you inevitably crash into an obstacle, ending the run and giving you a score.

The 2D game features simple pixel art graphics and one-button mechanics where your only control is tapping or holding the spacebar to jump. The T-Rex auto-runs continually across the screen.

Some quick facts on this Easter egg game:

  • Originated in 2014, created internally at Google Chrome Labs
  • Appears on Chrome’s default “No Internet” error page
  • Endless runner style where the game only ends when you crash
  • Saves high scores locally so you can compete against yourself
  • Hidden game accessible completely offline when internet is disabled

With its cute graphics, simple but hard-to-master mechanics, and offline accessibility, Google’s dino game has won over legions of fans.

How to Play Google’s Dinosaur Game

While very simple on the surface, successfully racking up a high score in Google’s addictive endless runner requires skill and practice. Here are the basics to play:

  • Tap or hold down the spacebar to make the T-Rex jump – time jumps carefully to clear cacti and pterodactyls.
  • Jumping on pterodactyls nets you small extra points.
  • Avoid all obstacles or it’s game over. A collision instantly ends your run.
  • The longer you survive, the faster the game speed becomes making it harder to react.
  • You earn 1 point for each 100ms survived, so lasting longer exponentially increases your score.
  • Play forever since the game procedurally generates a limitless path until you crash.

With its easy learning curve but tough mastery, this simple one-button game provides endless fun challenge and replayability.

Tips and Tricks for a High Score

Scoring high in Google’s Dinosaur game requires tapping skills, quick reflexes, and plenty of practice. Here are some proven tips:

  • Tap rapidly to jump faster and respond quickly. Mash that spacebar!
  • Time jumps carefully. Only jump as high as required to precisely clear obstacles.
  • Listen for audio cues indicating obstacles approaching off-screen.
  • Enter a focused flow state for improved concentration and response time.
  • Look ahead and anticipate upcoming obstacles and patterns.
  • Make slight lateral movements to weave through gaps and straightways.
  • Practice frequently to build muscle memory and internalize timing.
  • Watch others play to learn patterns and absorb techniques.
  • Set goals and compete against your own personal bests and friends.

Follow these high score-boosting pointers to tap, duck, and jump your way to T-Rex superiority.

Google Dinosaur Game Easter Eggs

In addition to the main game, various hidden surprises and easter eggs have been discovered over the years by intrepid gamers:

  • Change themes – Enter words like “boulder” or “isla” after chrome://dino for reskins.
  • Play at night – Toggle “Darken websites” in settings for night mode.
  • Swap dinosaurs – Replace “browser” in URL with “stegosaurus” or “troodon-time-machine.”
  • Unlock secret offline game – Enter chrome://dino on PC or tap dino 13 times on mobile.
  • Festive dancing dino – Visit on December 25th to see a dancing Santa hat T-Rex.
  • Hidden “offline defenders” game mode – Type chrome://dino on PC or Android.

Part of the fun with Google’s game is discovering these hidden surprises tucked away within the simple gameplay, giving extra reasons to revisit this classic.

Playing Google Dinosaur Game on Mobile

Google’s dinosaur game originated as a Chrome browser game for PCs, but there are ways to enjoy this addictive runner on mobile too:

  • On Android – Open Chrome, disable WiFi and mobile data, then tap the dino to start playing.
  • On iPhone – Launch Chrome, decline data collection, turn on Airplane mode, and tap the dino.
  • On Chromecast – Cast an Android device’s Chrome browser to TV before disconnecting WiFi/data.

Thanks to Chrome, the iconic T-Rex runner is playable on both Android and iOS platforms for on-the-go offline enjoyment and high score thrills.

Google Dino Alternatives Worth Playing

While Google’s game remains a go-to classic, many alternatives offer similar dino running action with fresh themes and features:

Cactus McCoy

This console-quality dino runner adds deeper visuals, combat mechanics, platforming levels, and boss battles.

Dinosaur Game

Similar runner but with new hazards like erupting volcanoes and themed graphics options.

Dino Sprint

Vibrant hand-drawn graphics and smooth animations make this charming retro dino runner highly replayable.

Chrome Hurt Rex

A creative twist where players damage the poor Rex for points in this darkly humorous version.

Super Dino Run

Old-school pixel graphics combined with power-ups, playable characters, and obstacles like boulders and pits.

T-Rex Surf

Rather than sprinting, race down rivers and pull off tricks while surfing with the T-Rex.

The simplicity of Google’s game makes it easy to put new spins for added variety and challenge.

Why Google’s Dinosaur Game Became So Popular

It may seem odd that such a simple offline game has become so beloved globally. But several factors contribute to its popularity:


Its unexpected presence on Chrome’s error page makes for a pleasant surprise.


The situation of having no internet access is universal, making the game highly relatable.

Instant Accessibility

No download required – it’s instantly playable the second internet drops out.

Addictive Gameplay

The simple mechanics make it easy to pick up but tough to master.

Retro Graphics

The cute pixel art style fuels nostalgia for old-school games.

Sense of Community

Sharing scores and techniques online has brought fans together.

For these reasons, Google’s clever little easter egg has earned a special place in internet culture.


Google’s dinosaur game has cemented itself as an iconic browser game thanks to its widespread relatability, instantly accessible offline gameplay, and community of die-hard high score chasers. This guide has covered its origins, gameplay, high scoring strategies, hidden easter eggs, availability on mobile, popular spin-offs, and why it has become so hugely popular worldwide.

So next time you lose internet access, take the opportunity to tap into this beloved classic. With dedication and practice, you too can join the ranks of elite dinosaur runners. Just don’t get too distracted from responsibilities!