What To Do If The Computer Does not Keep The Date & Time


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What To Do If The Computer Does not Keep The Date & Time

The date and time of your computer must be correct as internet browsing problems can occur, especially with HTTPS sites. Sometimes the error occurs when browsing secure websites: There is a problem with the website certificate ” Obviously, it would become unpleasant to fix the date and time every time you start windows, so let’s see what depends on this problem.

Inside each computer, there is a buffer battery to keep the bios settings and those (real-time clock ). In desktop computers, the battery is almost always a CR2032 that is easy to spot by opening the case panel. Are you looking for computer repair near my location?

To solve the problem with the Windows clock that does not keep the date and time, the only remedy is to replace the backup battery, and a non-complex operation usually takes 5 or 10 minutes.

If you do not know how to do it, we recommend you take your computer to a technical service centre and have it performed by qualified technical personnel before damaging it. Reballing Catani is not responsible for this event.

The battery we see in the picture is a CR2032. It has a typical shape similar to a giant button. To replace it, the procedure is straightforward. First, we remove the power from the computer before opening the case. If no peripherals hinder the extraction of the battery, press the conductive lever located in a corner, and the battery will rise without any movement. Learn more about computer repair near me in United States.

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