Find out how to choose your first guitar


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Find out how to choose your first guitar

Music is a wonderful art that engages our senses and takes us on a journey full of emotions. There are many ways to enjoy music, one of them is by playing it and creating it ourselves.

If you have set out to start learning to play the guitar , the logical first step is to buy your first guitar so you can learn how to become a great player. Know more about hanging hammock chair.

There are many aspects that you must take into account when choosing your first guitar and then we are going to explain everything you need to know so that you can make an excellent purchase and have the right instrument to start your learning.

Tips for choosing your first guitar

The following are some tips on various aspects that you should check before buying your first guitar:

  • Make sure that the neck has no irregularities or strange curves, it must be completely straight.
  • Check the joints and joints, check that they are well fixed and correctly assembled.
  • Make sure the pins are straight and firm, avoid guitars that have misaligned or loose pins.
  • Check that there are no scratches or other imperfections.

Finally, beyond the technical aspects, choosing your first guitar, like music, is a matter of feelings and the most important thing is to choose an instrument that inspires you. You might be interested in hanging hammock chair with stand.

How to choose your first guitar step by step

Choose the type of your first guitar

The first thing you must decide is what type of guitar you want to acquire , here are several aspects that you must take into account such as what type of music you want to play and the ease that each type of guitar offers because the type of guitar that is suitable depends on these answers. for you and your interests.

The types of guitar that exist are:

Classical guitar: it has nylon strings and a wider neck. This guitar is ideal for performing classical, bossa-nova, folk music, or accompanying songs while you sing.

Electric guitar: it has metal strings, a narrower neck and it is essential that it has an amplifier to produce sound. This guitar is perfect for musical styles such as rock, heavy metal and blues.

Acoustic guitar: it has steel strings, usually with bronze wound. The neck is narrower than a classical guitar and the body is usually larger. Its sound can be amplified, but it doesn’t need it to be played.

As this is your first guitar and you are a beginner, taking into account the ease of playing your new instrument is key, as this will directly influence the advancement and improvement of your musical skills . In short, the easier it is to play your first guitar, the better and faster you will progress in your learning. Learn more about hammock chair hanging kit.

Here it is important to mention that it is not highly recommended that you choose an acoustic guitar as your first instrument because as its strings are made of steel you have to exert a lot of force to press them and this can be painful at first if you do not have much strength in your fingers.

It is better that you buy a classical guitar that with its nylon strings requires less tension in the fingers to press them.

In the same way, if you want to play rock or heavy metal music, you can start with the electric guitar because its strings are metal and it won’t be as painful when you press them.

Next, we will show you the pros and cons of each type of guitar.

pros Cons
Classic guitar Smooth on the fingers
Wide fretboard makes it easy to play chords
Lower price
Allows you to play limited music styles
Electric guitar Easy on the fingers
Suitable for playing many musical styles
Does not develop hand strength
Makes it difficult to move on to acoustics
Needs an amplifier
Acoustic guitar Develops hand strength
Makes it easy to transition to electric guitar
At first, touching it is much more difficult
It causes pain in the fingers

Look at the wood of the guitar

Another essential aspect that you must take into account when choosing your first guitar is the wood with which it is made , this is because the sound of a guitar, especially classical and acoustic ones, is directly related to the quality of the guitar. wood.

Very good quality guitars are made of solid wood , lesser quality guitars have laminated back and sides.

In your search you will find many types of alternative woods, but these are the specifications that you should take into consideration:

Top: choose a solid wood, it can be spruce or cedar.

Back and sides: the most common woods are rosewood and mahogany. Rosewood has a slightly lighter and sweeter sound, while mahogany is darker; in the same way both woods are quite resonant.

Neck: Choose mahogany or a similar wood.

Fingerboard and bridge: Choose a guitar where these components are made from rosewood.

Define your budget

Let’s face it, the budget you have for your first guitar is a determining factor of the purchase . However, the price should not influence what type of guitar you are going to buy. The first step is that you decide which guitar you want to buy taking into account the aspects that we already mentioned, such as the style of music you want to play and the level of difficulty it presents.

Once you are clear about your choice of guitar, the budget will delimit the range of options through which you can move. You should choose the best quality guitar that fits your budget . Remember that quality is not determined by a high price, there are very good guitars on the market at affordable prices.

We recommend that before buying your first guitar you get advice from a person who knows about the subject and who can help you identify possible problems such as difficulty playing the guitar, if the strings are too high or too low, if it has tuning problems, etc. others.

A sustainable alternative

It is time for you to discover an excellent alternative so that you can buy your first guitar at the best price and contribute to the preservation of the planet.

One decision you can make when choosing your first guitar is to be environmentally friendly. You can pick up a second-hand guitar that has already been someone else’s artistic partner and is still in top condition to continue producing beautiful music.

Cash Converters offers you a wide catalog of all types of second-hand guitars so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Think that this is a great opportunity to be sustainable without sacrificing the quality of your first guitar, since Cash Converters instruments are an excellent option for their quality, the reliability of the products in their catalog and the two-year guarantee they provide.

Develop your ecological awareness, buy your first second-hand guitar and thus you will contribute your grain of sand to preserve the environment without compromising your art or your pocket.

We have come to the end of this guide on how to choose your first guitar . We hope that you take all these aspects into account when making your purchase and that you acquire an excellent instrument with which you can be part of the wonderful world of music.

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