Meaning Of The Name Cristel Origin, Numerology & Popularity


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Meaning Of The Name Cristel Origin, Numerology & Popularity

Cristel is one of the names that have more variations today. As its etymology indicates, Cristel means ” one that is clear or pure ” but, currently, there is a long history that we can extract from the origin of the name Cristel. If you want to discover this story, as well as the meaning of Cristel, its popularity, numerology and saints, don’t miss the article that we bring you below. Cristel is a girl’s name .

What does Crystal mean?

We find the origin of the name Cristel in the Greek and, later, Latin cultures. In Greek, the name Cristel comes from the word krystallos , etymologically “the one that is clear” or “the one that is pure”. However, and due to the passage of this name through Latin culture, we currently understand the meaning of Cristel as ” one who has clear thinking “.

Origin of the name Cristel

Cristel is a name of Greek and Latin origin . If we talk about the history of Cristel we must mention that the original name from which it comes is the Greek form krystallos , translated as “clear”, “brilliant” or even “pure”. You might be interested to know more about Samuel Meaning Name.

Diminutives and variations of the name Cristel

The best known diminutives of the name Cristel are:

  • Cris
  • Crys

Depending on each country, the name Cristel has different variants :

  • Crystal o Cristal
  • Cristella
  • Crystal
  • Christell o Cristhell
  • Krystle o Kristel

The name Cristel in other languages

Cristel is not a name that is usually translated into other languages, as it is an international proper name .

Personality of the name Cristel

Women named Cristen are usually very independent, direct, and ambitious . Not only are they not interested in pleasing others, but they put all their efforts into fulfilling their goals individually. While it is true that this disinterest can sometimes translate to a lack of camaraderie, the girls named Cristel are faithful and optimistic friends who are always willing to support others.

Enemies of monotony and routine, the girls named Cristel are always looking for new challenges and accept any adventure that may push them to be better.

Celebrities with the name Cristel

  • Christell Rodríguez : Chilean singer.
  • Crystal Reed : American actress.
  • Cristèl Carrisi : Italian singer, presenter and designer (photograph).

Holy Day of Cristel

The day of Santo de Cristel is celebrated on July 24 .

Numerology of the name Cristel

According to numerology, the number associated with the name Cristel is 5 .

Popularity of the first name Cristel

If we look at the lower map, we will see that Cristel is a name that has very little popularity, since there are currently only 200 people in Spain called that .

The average age of the girls named Cristel in Spain is 25.9 years, and most of them live in Lugo, Asturias and La Coruña.

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