NBA Youngboy Kids: Exploring the Vibrant Life and Career of NBA YoungBoy


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NBA Youngboy

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, known to many as NBA Youngboy, has gained prominence in the hip hop scene not just for his music, but for his life as a father to his children, known as NBA Youngboy Kids. He has forged a unique connection with his audience, often sharing personal experiences and life lessons his children have brought him, making his journey a relatable saga of parenthood, fame, and music.


Over the years, NBA YB has released a multitude of albums, mixtapes, and singles, cementing his place in the hip-hop scene. His discography, beginning with “Life Before Fame” in 2015 to his latest releases, portrays a story of growth and resilience, often inspired by his experiences as a father to the NBA Youngboy Kids.


NBA Youngboy hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a background that’s integral to his music. The raw and authentic experiences of his upbringing reflect in his lyrics, resonating with his listeners, and offering a stark portrayal of his life before fame.

Date Of Birth:

Born on October 20, 1999, NBA Youngboy’s journey into fatherhood began at a young age. Despite his youth, his music exudes maturity and wisdom, often reflecting on his experiences as a young father. The NBA Youngboy Kids feature prominently in this narrative, their impact evident in his lyrics and music.


NBA Youngboy’s music spans across several genres, primarily Southern hip hop, trap, and gangsta rap. His unique blend of these styles, along with deeply personal lyrics often inspired by his NBA Youngboy Kids, creates a distinct sound that sets him apart in the music industry.


While known globally as a rapper and songwriter, NBA Youngboy’s role as a father is an integral part of his public image. The experiences and lessons he has learned from his NBA Youngboy Kids are often interwoven into his music, adding an extra layer of depth to his work. Check out more interesting stories at our Tesla Blog.

Years Active:

NBA Youngboy’s career in the music industry began in 2014, marking a journey of perseverance and dedication. Despite numerous personal and professional hurdles, his passion for music and his love for his NBA Youngboy Kids have been a driving force, reflected in his expansive discography.


Initially an independent artist, NBA Youngboy later signed with Atlantic Records in 2017. In a move reflecting his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to promoting new talent, he established his own label, “Never Broke Again,” a testament to his enduring commitment to the music industry.

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