The 17 Best Books on Motherhood Know More


The 17 Best Books on Motherhood Know More

Books are a great source of wisdom, and in the most important role of our lives – that of mothers – it is a great resource that we can always turn to to solve all the doubts that arise every day.

Today we bring you the seventeen most revealing books that we can find on motherhood , and in which we can find topics as diverse as conscious motherhood, the transformations that we undergo on an emotional level, or all the tools that we can use to become better parents.

skin-deep motherhood

This book is an invitation to solve the concerns that appear in this fascinating journey, which is to raise and watch children grow, possibly the most transcendental thing we will do in life. Through the experiences of the author, a journalist specializing in motherhood and parenting consultant , and also the stories that accompany her story, we will feel motherhood on the surface whether it is yet to come, or whether we are already in the process of raise our children.

From the perspective of conscious parenting, Míriam Tirado tells us about breastfeeding, sleeping at night, how to adapt to being one of the family… She also teaches us to accompany our children’s tantrums and overwhelmed emotions. Respecting the needs of the children but also the feelings of the parents , with empathy and love, a lot of love, it is possible to come out of all the conflicts and enjoy a motherhood to the surface, which fills us with joy and deeply enriches our lives.

The super powers of the new mom

This is the first volume of the ” Mom’s Super Powers” trilogy,  in which you will find the essential basis to achieve the necessary mental strength to walk the path of motherhood.

This is not the typical book to read what you already know in a funny way and pass the time. This is a book that seeks solutions to difficulties and provides us with many answers to questions that often arise when we are new mothers.

The meteorite: From when I was a mother and everything flew into a thousand pieces

This book is not a guide to motherhood, it is an experience: that of the illustrator Amaia Arrazola, in whose life two years ago a meteorite called Ane landed. This experience, including pregnancy and childbirth, is what she captures here with enormous courage and generosity, emphasizing what is not usually mentioned, such as insecurity, frustration or mourning for the previous life . But it is also the story of an instinctive love that does not require conditions.

Diary of a pediatrician mom

From her personal and professional experience, pediatrician Amalia Arce introduces us to the wonderful but perplexing world of parenting. Throughout these pages, all the questions and concerns that arise from pregnancy to the development of the child are unraveled with humor and rigor: doubts about food, basic care, family conciliation or even the choice of the pediatrician .

In addition, the author makes a complete review of the most common diseases and ailments and how to react to them. A book full of professional advice and personal anecdotes that will help us enjoy the great adventure of being parents.

Kiss Me a lot

It is a book written in defense of children and parents, of all those who wish to educate their children as was done before, with love, taking them in their arms, caressing them, sleeping with them when they are disconsolate…

This book teaches us to respect our son as a human being , not to let him cry, to lull him, love him and kiss him. The author demonstrates, based on rigorous studies and his own professional experience, that this is the best way to ensure that they grow up healthy and happy. An essential that will free you from the phrase that you will hear thousands of times: “don’t pick him up, he gets used to it”.

Enjoy Motherhood: Embrace the personal transformation that will change your life

Mada Guzman, its author, affirms that becoming a mother put her against a rock and a hard place and presented her with a dilemma: either she clung to who she had been, no matter what the cost, or she was open to embracing the profound transformation that was taking place. feeling.

Choosing this second option changed his life. He affirms that sometimes, along the way, we need to let go of who we were in order to open up to who we are. A book that approaches motherhood from a personal growth perspective instead of telling you how you have to do everything in parenting. Check out more interesting stories on at our Tesla Blog.

I am a normal mother

This book aims to be a chat between friends, in which the author tells about everything that fills her day to day. Her marriage, her children, her work, her faith, her values… From the daily routines of study or sleep, through food, to how they face summer vacations or how they celebrate Christmas.

According to the author, her spirit in writing this book is far from wanting to teach, indoctrinate, or in any way impose her way of life, it is to tell us what she does and what works for her; and also what is still not getting it to work after almost two decades. The life of normal mothers, with its lights and shadows.

Maternar: Upbringing with soul

Being a mother is a turn to the heart that turns your world upside down. Looking your baby in the eye for the first time rearranges your priorities, shapes your life; it leads you to promise yourself that you will do everything in your power for that creature. But bringing a child into the world does not only imply the responsibility of caring for and protecting him; also to release him, when the time comes, and let him walk alone, to choose the paths that her soul asks for, to fly free of burdens knowing that our task is complete.

Julia Puig gives us in this book some guidelines to raise with soul and achieve that light and subtle balance of motherhood ; in which two intertwined lives meet like two gnarled trunks that grow side by side, but are, and will forever be, irredeemably independent.

The child’s brain explained to parents

During the first six years of life, the infant’s brain has a potential that it will never have again. This does not mean that we should try to turn children into little geniuses, because in addition to being impossible, a brain that develops under pressure can lose part of its essence along the way.

This book is a practical manual that synthesizes the knowledge that neuroscience offers parents and educators, so that they can help children achieve full intellectual and emotional development.

There is more than one mother: A first-person account of the adventure of motherhood

When Samanta Villar made the decision to become a mother, it turned out that she was too old by medical standards. Not only that, but she later discovered that she was infertile. But her will to be her mother prevailed and after four years and countless failures, she managed to get pregnant thanks to an egg donation. From here, the big question, the question that anyone willing to bring a child into the world asks, what does it mean to be a mother?

Thanks to her own testimony and that of many other women and couples who, like her, decided to have a child, this book accompanies us during the gestation process and gives us a far from idyllic but honest and real vision of motherhood , of the thousands of decisions that must be made, of the sense of responsibility and of the unbreakable bond that little by little, day by day, is being created between that son and his mother.

Mother: Listen to yourself, understand yourself and give yourself what you need

“Motherhood is powerful. It’s hard. It’s intense. It’s precious. It’s frustrating. And wonderful. But above all, it’s transformative. If you allow yourself to live it fully, if you allow yourself to listen to yourself, if you allow yourself to enjoy every moment, if you allow yourself to live intensely the pleasant ones and go through the ones that are not so much, it is an incredible source of learning”.

This is how Paola Roig, author, mother and psychologist, describes what it means to be a mother . In this revealing book, from her knowledge as a perinatal psychologist and her trajectory accompanying maternity hospitals, she offers us a journey through this unique experience.

you are a wonderful mothe

Lucía Galán Bertrand’s practice is not only the territory where she cares for her little patients and faces all the medical challenges as a pediatrician -stories that have left an indelible mark on her heart and that she has decided to share in this book-, but also it is also the space where he meets women and men who are learning, along the way, to be parents.

In this book, Lucía teaches us motherhood without filters, naked, with honesty and self-criticism , what no one tells us but that we all feel. Because only when we bravely face reality is when we can give the best of ourselves. Being parents is, precisely, the greatest responsibility that we face in our entire lives.

What nobody told me about motherhood (and sex)

Testimonial essay about motherhood and parenting. Aimed at women (and men), of all ages and all statuses, even singles without children. She talks about the physical and emotional processes that a studied, traveled and prepared woman suffers throughout the journey of motherhood and upbringing. It is not a sociological study, but a first person account through the accumulation of sensations and feelings that the author has experienced during this complex moment of life.

It is the testimony of a 21st century mother plagued by humanity, honesty and contradictions, and far from the sweetened vision traditionally transmitted about motherhood: a different point of view for which today’s society is already prepared.

Word of mother: The power of motherhood

Word of mother starts from the personal history of the author, as a mother and as a health professional and activist, to raise her contradictions and indecisions regarding the maternal experience , as well as her confusion about how the health systems of our society they have ignored and boycotted the wisdom gathered in connection with it.

“I would like to understand what kind of mother I have been. To capture, however fleetingly, the core of my maternal experience. And thus, by the way, better understand the maternal experience in its broadest sense: that of all mothers. I began to be aware of the deep division, of how health systems have ignored mothers and denied their experiences and knowledge, and how the absence of that maternal knowledge has given rise to biased and in many cases harmful science. knowledge based on scientific evidence crashes daily against the reality of a society heir to decades and centuries of contempt for motherhood.”

Really a mother: How to face the challenge of motherhood and be the mother you want to be

This practical book is undoubtedly a great tool for every pregnant woman because it reveals many keys from pregnancy to the first year of parenting . It also shares great stories based on real events that will reach the bottom of the heart.

mothering mothering me

This book is an approach to the process of gestation and childbirth from a psychotherapeutic and humanistic perspective. It is a summary of the experience of pregnancy and childbirth with all its phases and peculiarities, with its lights and shadows. From the most committed places of motherhood to the friendliest, those that give us the opportunity to conquer a unique personal growth experience.

Guide for imperfect mothers and fathers who know that their children are too

“Although we are not perfect, we must work every day to be better mothers and fathers, guiding our children towards a better present and future, the one they want and deserve.”

To help our sons and daughters to be upright, respectful and   responsible people , who know how to dialogue and who love and let themselves be loved, we must educate them with clear principles based on respect, empathy and unconditional love. We must forget the discussions and the shouting to educate in self and mutual respect , coherence and affection and thus reach a harmonious coexistence, knowing how to overcome adversity together.

Tania García, recognized expert in education, invites us in this guide to rebuild ourselves and banish social myths regarding childhood , and provides us with strategies to live and coexist as a family, establishing the necessary limits and recognizing emotions… but above all everything, enjoying the day to day.

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