This is the flying car “Aircar”


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This is the flying car "Aircar"

Cinema and literature have been showing flying cars for many years as if it were a promise of the future, now it is a reality. The “AIRCAR” is the first model that has successfully demonstrated its ability to fly between two cities, in addition to driving on asphalt.

The AirCar has been designed and created by “Klein Vision” , a Slovak company created and run by Stefan Klein . This flying car comes from multiple studies that for some years have been coordinated jointly with other companies. Know more about aixam.

The AirCar, in one of its latest functionality tests, has been able to reach the Nitra airport by road to take off from there and land in 30 minutes at the Bratislava airport, continuing its journey by road later .

In this way the “AirCar” has demonstrated, as the first car in history , its ability to fly between two cities , approaching a reality that may be produced in series sooner rather than later. Obviously it will not be available to everyone, not only because of its high price, but also because of the license limitations that the legislation of the countries will be implementing in the coming years.

It is evident that there are currently many and varied proposals and projects underway for hybrid cars between cars and planes , including hybrids between cars and planes and watercraft. The vast majority of these projects are directed towards Taxi-type service vehicles (eg CityHawk and VTOL Project…), such as the Hyundai brand, which is developing its own future projects in this field.

Flying at an altitude of 2,500 meters for 80 km

In June of last year the AirCar took off from Nitra, and after 35 minutes flying through the sky it landed in Bratislava, covering the 80 km distance between the two cities in less than half the time it would take by road .

The maximum cruising speed reached by the AirCar was 190 km/h , flying at almost 2,500 meters in height .

This feat was completed by the AirCar folding its retractable wings, as well as its tail , by pressing a simple button in the cabin that performs the operation electrically in less than 3 minutes , thus becoming its “car mode” and continuing its journey. towards the center of the city by road and streets already on asphalt.

AirCar propulsion system

The ” AirCar Prototype 1 ” is powered by a 160 hp BMW engine that incorporates a fixed propeller , and with its 40 flight hours it has already demonstrated its ability to land and take off without problems on 142 occasions , also making very pronounced turns in flight . of 45 degrees and an important series of maneuverability and stability tests .

After all this, ” Klein Vision ” has given the go-ahead to its viability, starting the necessary phases to make the pre-production version with the name “AirCar Prototype 2” , with which it will immediately proceed to its homologation as a car (M1 ) and also as a small plane (CS-23).

This new prototype will have a significant increase in power, up to 300 hp , which will give it a cruising speed of close to 300 km/h with a total autonomy of 1,000 km (by fuel).

With this new “AirCar” a new era begins for the so-called dual transport vehicles , providing freedom of movement to the individual that until now had only been attributed to automobiles, turning science fiction into a palpable reality and opening the doors to a world of tomorrow that will largely be developed by air .

The future is getting closer, but a flying car will still need a good policy to cover it against incidents that, when flying, will potentially be more numerous. For now, you can enjoy  MAPFRE Car Insurance  that is designed to meet the different needs of customers.

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